Christopher Welborn
Christopher Welborn
Jasper, AL


My name is Christopher Welborn, I am a 33 year old programmer from Jasper, Al. I have been working with computers and code since childhood. I started out with Q-BASIC in Windows 3.1 and have progressed significantly over the years as the technology has also progressed. I spent most of my years focusing on Windows, however lately I work in different variations of the Linux operating system. My favorite programming languages include Python, JavaScript, Rust, C, and Visual Basic .Net. (VB was my second language and it served me well before moving on to other domains.) I've dabbled in C++ and C# a little, and I also enjoy working with microcontrollers and single-board computers such as the Arduino, ATTiny, and Raspberry Pi.


I mostly write tools that make my everyday tasks quicker or easier, but like many coders I sometimes write code just to learn from it and teach myself new concepts. Some projects I use on a daily basis, and others never see the light of day. I've uploaded some of my projects here in the hope that they might help other people from every skill level to accomplish their tasks, or to learn from the code I publish.


If you need to contact me for any reason, for help with your PC or help concerning one of my projects, please feel free to email me.


  • Software Design
  • Web Design
  • PC Repair/Optimization
  • System/Software Installation
  • & More (Just Ask)

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