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version 1.0.2
A paste bin with highlighting and themes. Insert some code or text, click 'paste it!', and share the url.

I wrote this pastebin because I felt some of the others lacked some important features. The editor is powered by Ace Editor, so syntax highlighting is enabled while typing and viewing. A link to replies and the replyto is on the paste page, so you can follow a 'conversation' and look back on older revisions. If cookies are enabled it will remember the last language you used, instead of the one I prefer. There is no login/authorization required but it will remember your name (again, through cookies) if you paste something. More features may be added to help with navigation/replies.
A public api is in place to allow other software to be written that retrieves pastes (no submits yet). The api uses JSON to list all pastes, or retrieve a single paste. You can read about it at /paste/api.
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version 1.0.3
Finds possible words that can be made from a phone number.

With PhoneWords the idea is you enter a phone number, and all possible number/letter combinations are checked against a word list to see if your number can be dialed using common words. For example, the number 426-2665 could be dialed as 'iamcool', 'hambook', 'ibmbook', or just '426book'. There is also a 'reverse' lookup which is much simpler and faster. If you do a reverse lookup of 'hambook', the number 426-2665 will be quickly returned.
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