Switching to https...

With increasing pressure from Google and Mozilla, and the fact that I like the idea of encrypted traffic, I recently switched to HTTPS. I was worried that my current configuration would make this problematic, but it only came down to switching a few of my javascript and css links to use https instead of http. WebFaction was also very quick to enable my certificate when I got it.

I wish people weren't forced to use encryption where it isn't really needed. My site doesn't have user accounts, or private information. If it's here then it's public. There are plenty of other people out there with personal sites that don't seem to benefit very much from an encrypted connection. Google has talked about reducing your page rank if you use http , and Mozilla discussed removing http support from FireFox entirely.

Certificates aren't cheap, though there are some free alternatives for people that don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a site that makes absolutely nothing. It just adds a little bit of hassle, especially for those that don't know anything about http versus https. Anyway, I have my "green lock" so I guess I have nothing to complain about.


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