ColrC  0.4.0
An easy to use C library for linux terminal colors/escape-codes.
#include "colr.h"
int main(void) {
ColorResults mark an *allocated* string as "safe to free()" in the
Colr macros/functions. You can wrap your own allocated strings by
calling `ColrResult(mystring)`. Colr uses this behind the scenes to
implement the Colr_join macro, which allows nested joins.
// Colr tries to make things easy, so you don't have to do this.
// But if you *have to*, ColrResult will help you.
// This example wouldn't need ColrResult if you used Colr_join instead,
// which returns an allocated ColorResult itself.
char* joined = colr_cat(
": ",
Colr("debug", fore(GREEN)),
Colr("This is a test.", fore(CYAN))
ColrResult(strdup("\nHeap-allocated for no reason."))
if (!joined) return EXIT_FAILURE;
printf("%s\n", joined);
// All your left with is the final allocated string result.
Without ColorResult/ColrResult, Colr will never call `free()` on your
strings, or the strings created by Colr:
char* mine = strdup("I need this for later, don't free it.");
if (!mine) return EXIT_FAILURE;
char* colorized = colr(mine, fore(BLUE), back(WHITE));
if (!colorized) return EXIT_FAILURE;
printf("%s\n", colorized);
// Your string is still good:
printf("%s\n", mine);
char* appended = colr_cat(colorized, "...still here.");
if (!appended) return EXIT_FAILURE;
printf("%s\n", appended);
// The Colr-allocated string is still good:
printf("%s\n", colorized);
// Most colorization is a one-shot thing that doesn't need to stick
// around, so these examples are here *just in case* you have to do this.
// Watch these disappear when wrapped in a ColorResult and sent through
// the colr functions/macros:
char* final = colr_join(
if (!final) return EXIT_FAILURE;
printf("%s\n", final);
// All those allocations, and it's down to just the last call to colr_join().
Colr_join() returns an allocated ColorResult itself, so if you were
to use it outside of the colr macros/functions you would need to
deal with printing/freeing it:
Colr("This is a line.", fore(ext_rgb(255, 128, 128))),
Colr("This is another", style(UNDERLINE)),
Colr_join("This is the final line.", "[", "]")
if (!result) return EXIT_FAILURE;
// This actually compiles as: ColorResult_to_str(*result).
printf("%s\n", colr_to_str(*result));
// And, finally release the resources.
// This actually ends up calling ColorResult_free(result) in the end:
Run this example through valgrind/libasan (-fsanitize=leak).