Alias Manager
version 1.7.6
Manages BASH alias/function scripts using a GUI. Easily integrate scripts into BASH startup with 2 mouse-clicks.
version 1.4.0-5
Opens files with your favorite editor, automatically using your favorite sudo command when needed for write access.
Easy Settings
version 2.0.4
Python module for easily saving and retrieving simple application settings. Supports non-string types like Boolean, Integer, Float, and more.
version 0.0.1-4
Generate skeleton code for GTK from a glade file.
version 1.1.1
Python evaluation bot for IRC, with PyValExec (run sandboxed code from the cmd-line).
version 1.1.0
Reg Edit Favorites Helper/Editor for Windows. Manages the RegEdit favorites menu...
version 1.0.0
Color picker tool for Windows.
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